CEO of kcd GmbH

Dr. Karl-Christian Danz

»With the production of high quality additives we do our part for sustainable value creation while providing a competitive edge for our customers and contributing to resource- and energy-saving economic activities worldwide.«

Company History

What started with a handful employees and a single laboratory extruder has grown continuously into a successful company.


Formation of kcd Kunststoffe, Additive und Beratung GmbH in Wiehe, Kyffhäuserkreis


Relocation of the company to Weimar, Thuringia


Acquisition of company premises


Construction of a new hall for storing of dangerous materials and as extension of the production lines


Further extension with additional production lines, new offices and staff rooms


The neighbouring partner company dsf Danz Special Foams GmbH gets a new hall for production lines, offices and staff rooms as an extension to the existing buildings of kcd GmbH

In January 2023 we had 30 employees and a last year’s turnover of ca. 5.8 Mio €. Around 35 % of sales are direct exports, e.g. to Austria, France, Benelux and Poland. The majority of the ca. 40 % sales that are processed via trading partners also goes abroad.



Otto-Schott-Straße 5, 99427 Weimar, Deutschland

+49 (0) 36 43 - 40 48 37

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